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RNDr. Martin Žonda, Ph.D.
Room No.: F 053
phone: +420 95155 1391
ResearcherID: M-9520-2015
ORCID: 0000-0002-8513-3392
Scopus Author ID: 23570172500
Google Scholar ID: rNUfEn4AAAAJ
RNDr. Martin Žonda, Ph.D.

Research interests

  • Superconducting quantum dot (SQD): SQD consists of a quantum dot, a device that allows to store and manipulate single electrons, and superconducting leads, where superconductivity is a macroscopic quantum phenomena. SQDs are rich physical playgrounds with tremendous potential for real world applications. Our primarily effort is focused on making the theoretical analyses of real SQD as easy as possible.
  • Stochastic dynamics of particle in generalized washboard potentials: This study actually incorporates a class of problems with applicability in different fields of physics. Nevertheless, we primarily focus on the phase dynamics of the Josephson Junctions and related devices.
  • Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) for systems out of equilibrium: The non-equilibrium physics of quantum many-body systems is one of central topics of the current research. Unfortunately, the simulation of of real-time quantum dynamics is a difficult task. We are working on a promising implementation of a QMC technique, that should significantly shorten the lengthy simulations.

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