List of seminars in 2016 / 2017

13 October 2016
14:00 prof. Mark A. Novotný (Lecture Hall F2)
Quantum Dragons: Fictional? Factual? Physics? Phantasy?
joined with Nanoseminar (note different time and place)
20 October 2016
12:20 RNDr. Viktor Holubec, PhD. (Seminar room F052)
Enhancing performance of quantum heat engines by noise-induced coherence
working version
27 October 2016
12:20 prof. Panos Argyrakis (Seminar room F052)
Dynamics of spreading phenomena in networks
14:00 Prof. dr hab. Maciej Maśka (Lecture Hall F2)
Transport properties of the dot-ring nanostructure
joined with Nanoseminar (note different time and place)
3 November 2016
12:20 Mgr. Rudolf Sýkora, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Conductance of Conjugated Molecules --- Quantum Interference Effects
working version
10 November 2016
12:20 doc. Mgr. Šimon Kos, PhD. (Seminar room F052)
Non-isothermal kinetics of phase transformations in magnetron sputtered alumina films with metastable structure
24 November 2016
12:20 RNDr. Karel Netočný , Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Statistical forces and stability enhancement for probes in nonequilibrium media
1 December 2016
12:20 Mgr. Alžběta Kadlecová (Seminar room F052)
Gravitational Waves and Cosmology: WKB Waves in a Spatially Compact Universe
8 December 2016
12:20 doc. RNDr. Tomáš Ostatnický, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Photon blockade, bistability and phase relaxation in Jaynes-Cummings model
working version
12 January 2017
12:20 RNDr. Pavel Baláž, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Magnetic properties of Bi2Se3 3D topological insulator doped by Mn atoms: theory and numerical simulations
1 March 2017
14:00 prof. Mark A. Novotný (Lecture Hall F1)
Adiabatic Quantum Computers in 2017: Huge Advance or All Hype?
Special seminar: Strouhal's lecture
9 March 2017
14:00 Dr. Lukáš Slodička (Lecture Hall F2)
Nonclassical light from large ensembles of single photon emitters
joined with Nanoseminar (note different time and place)
16 March 2017
12:20 Mgr. David Wagenknecht (Seminar room F052)
Ab initio calculation of temperature dependent anomalous Hall effect
20 April 2017
12:20 Doc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc. (Seminar room F052)
Coherence and stiffness of spin waves in diluted ferromagnets