List of seminars in 2021 / 2022

1 October 2021
13:00 doc. Mgr. Tomáš Mančal, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Simulating emergence of time in quantum mechanics by strongly coupled qubits
Note that seminar will take place on Friday
14 October 2021
14:00 Mgr. et Mgr. Libor Šmejkal, Ph.D. (Lecture room F2, MFF UK)
Spin group theory of ferromagnets, antiferromagnets and altermagnets
21 October 2021
13:00 Mgr. Štěpán Marek (Seminar room F052)
DFT Based Conductance of Ferrocene
4 November 2021
13:15 Ing. Dominik Legut, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Lattice vibrations and trimeron order of the Verwey transition in magnetite
11 November 2021
13:00 Peter Krüger, Ph.D. (Online webinar)
Advances in the statistical mechanics of solutions through Kirkwood-Buff integrals – exact finite volume integrals and applications of the theory to the solid state
25 November 2021
14:00 Dr. Artur Slobodeniuk (Lecture hall F2)
Dark excitons in monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides: prediction, probing and manipulation
Joined with Nanoseminar. Note different time and place.
2 December 2021
13:00 RNDr. Ondřej Šipr, CSc. (Seminar room F052)
Ab-initio calculations of transport properties of doped permalloy: exploring the effect of the host disorder
9 December 2021
13:00 Ing. Richard Korytár, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Theory of chiral molecular rotor
The seminar was postponed indefinitely!
17 December 2021
13:00 prof. Panos Argyrakis (Seminar room F052)
Physics methods for the study of the spread of Covid-19 (diffusion methods)
Note that seminar will take place on Friday!
6 January 2022
13:00 Mgr. Hynek Němec, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Terahertz response of charges in semiconductor nanostructures