List of seminars in 2022 / 2023

15 September 2022
13:00 Agnieszka Jażdżewska (Seminar room F052)
Current driven Skyrmions in quantum-classical Shastry-Sutherland model
13 October 2022
13:00 Miroslav Menšík, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Formation of spin-polarized current in antiferromagnetic polymer spintronic field-effect transistor
20 October 2022
13:00 dr inż. Katarzyna Roszak (Seminar room F052)
Convex-roof entanglement measures of density matrices block diagonal in disjoint subspaces for the study of thermal states
27 October 2022
14:00 Ing. Jakub Železný, Ph.D. (Seminar room F2)
Spin-transfer torque in non-collinear antiferromagnetic junctions
10 November 2022
13:00 Dr. Athanasios Koliogiorgos (Seminar room F052)
Ab-initio study of the electronic structure of semiconductors and nanostructures and energy transfer mechanisms in donor-acceptor systems
24 November 2022
13:00 Mgr. Yelyzaveta Pulnova (Seminar room F052)
X-ray downconversion in semiconductor heterostructures
1 December 2022
13:00 Mgr. Štěpán Marek (Seminar room F052)
Calculating Angular Momentum of Electron Current in Molecular Junction
8 December 2022
13:00 Ing. Richard Korytár, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Production of angular momentum in helical molecular wires under electric current
15 December 2022
14:00 doc. Ing. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D. (Lecture hall F2)
On-surface synthesis and SPM characterization of polyradical PAHs with strong multireference character
Joined with Nanoseminar. Note different time and place.
5 January 2023
13:00 Mgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Antiphase boundaries in magnetic Fe-Al intermetallics