Seminar on Condensed Matter Theory

Group of Theoretical Physics organizes a regular seminar on theory of condensed matter physics. Usually, we meet

every Thursdays at 13:00
in seminar room F 052
Ke Karlovu 5, 121 16 Praha 2

You are welcome to join us!

If you wish to receive regular updates on fothcoming seminars, contact T. Novotný.

Forthcoming seminars

26 April 2018
13:00 Andrey Rakhubovsky, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Quantum Information Processing with Pulsed Cavity Optomechanics
3 May 2018
13:00 Dr. Karel Výborný (Seminar room F052)
Magnetic anisotropy in simple antiferromagnets
10 May 2018
13:00 Miroslav Menšík, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Determination of time-dependent diffusion coefficient of excitons and polarons (in conjugated polymers) from time-resolved absorption spectroscopy
17 May 2018
13:00 Héctor Vázquez, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Conductance evolution in molecular dynamics simulations calculated using DFT
24 May 2018
13:00 RNDr. Artem Ryabov, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Transition times of a tagged particle in driven Brownian motion of hard spheres