Seminar on Condensed Matter Theory

Group of Theoretical Physics organizes a regular seminar on theory of condensed matter physics. Usually, we meet

every Thursdays at 13:00
in seminar room F 052
Ke Karlovu 5, 121 16 Praha 2

You are welcome to join us!

If you wish to receive regular updates on fothcoming seminars, contact T. Novotný.

Forthcoming seminars

15 November 2018
13:00 Sergiu Arapan, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Searching for the rare-earth free permanent magnets with structure predicting methods: possibilities and limitations
22 November 2018
13:00 dr inż. Katarzyna Roszak (Seminar room F052)
Towards the study of nonequilibrium heat capacity in the quantum regime
29 November 2018
14:00 Prof. Jens Paaske (Lecture Hall F2)
Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in quantum dots
joined with Nanoseminar (note different time and place)
6 December 2018
13:00 Mgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D. (Seminar room F052)
Nano-to-meso scale study of mechanical properties of Fe-Al-based superalloys
13 December 2018
14:00 Prof. Dr. Klaus Morawetz (Lecture Hall F2)
Anomalous transport in Weyl-semimetals and Dirac systems normally explained - quantum kinetic approach
joined with Nanoseminar (note different time and place)