Seminar on 7 January 2021

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics group, Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany
Numerical time-dependent spectroscopy on the optically excited Mott-Hubbard cluster
at 13:00 as an online webinar
Contact K. Carva for the online access information.

Recent pump-probe experiments have uncovered a variety of intriguing dynamics in strongly correlated materials such as ultrafast structural transitions in transition metal dichalcogenides. The key feature of these experiments is the time-dependent spectroscopic information. In this talk, I will discuss the time-evolution of various spectroscopic observables in optically excited Mott-Hubbard models. By numerically exact simulations of finite Hubbard clusters, we find that continuous resonant excitation can lead to a prethermal Floquet state with Rabi oscillations for weak field amplitudes [1]. For strong and short excitation, multi-photon excited states show second harmonic oscillations in time-dependent optical conductivity [2].

[1] J. Okamoto, F. Peronaci, arXiv:2010.00326.
[2] J. Okamoto, New J. Phys. 21, 123040 (2019).