Project details

Spin current generation on a femtosecond timescale

Identification code: GJ15-08740Y
Principal investigator: RNDr. Karel Carva, Ph.D.
Project type: Regular Grant (Junior Grant)
Funded by: Czech Science Foundation
Start: 1 January 2015
End: 31 December 2017


Spin currents are known to be able to induce magnetization switching. In the previously studied situations they can emerge only if an electric field is applied. Just two years ago spin currents generated by a femtosecond laser, without an applied electrical field, has been experimentally observed. These can be switched on at unprecedentedly short timescales and have specific features compared to the field induced ones, they are for example able to increase the magnetization magnitude above the zero temperature value. This project will concentrate on deep examination of this process and development of related theoretical description employing first principles calculation methods, which is still missing. This will contribute to understanding of the underlying physical mechanisms and also control over its properties, from which the design of proposed spintronics devices could greatly benefit.