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RNDr. Pavel Baláž, Ph.D.
postdoctoral researcher
Room No.: F 054
phone: +420 95155 1397
ResearcherID: M-9510-2015
ORCID: 0000-0003-0016-9271
Scopus Author ID: 23033051900
Google Scholar ID: Oh7h8Z0AAAAJ
RNDr. Pavel Baláž, Ph.D.

Research interests

  • Ultrafast demagnetization in metals with focus on laser-induced electronic transport in metallic multilayers
  • Magnetization dynamics including numerical simulations and analytical models of magnetization dynamics induced by magnetic fields, spin currents, spin-orbit torques or laser pulses; with special interest in the dynamics of magnetic domain walls and other magnetic topological defects
  • Magnetic properties of disordered alloys ranging from ferro- and antiferromagnets up to noncollinear topological insulators doped by magnetic atoms; the main method of research is the atomistic spin dynamics based on ab initio calculations

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Available projects for students

Master theses

  • Study of the dynamic properties of 90-degree magnetic domain walls
    Studium dynamických vlastností 90-stupnových magnetických doménových stěn
  • Brain inspired approaches in quantum physics
    Mozgom inšpirované prístupy v kvantovej fyzike

Bachelor theses

  • Topological defects in magnetic nanostructures
    Topologické defekty v magnetických nanoštruktúrach
  • Magnetic dynamics in spintronic nanostructures
    Magnetická dynamika v spintronických nanostrukturách
  • Use of evolutionary algorithms for energy minimization of magnetic systems
    Využitie evolučných algoritmov na minimalizáciu energie magnetických systémov
  • Analysing magnetic textures using machine learning methods
    Analyzovanie magnetických textúr pomocou metód strojového učenia
  • Brain inspired methods in physics
    Mozgom inšpirované metódy vo fyzike