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Mgr. Vladislav Pokorný, Ph.D.
postdoctoral researcher
Room No.: F 053
phone: +420 95155 1391
ResearcherID: G-5750-2014
ORCID: 0000-0002-8944-6417
Scopus Author ID: 36242274800
Google Scholar ID: hsOQvEYAAAAJ
Mgr. Vladislav Pokorný, Ph.D.

Research interests

  • Molecular electronics - density-functional theory and transport calculations of nanoscopic junctions formed by single molecules connected to metallic leads
  • Superconducting quantum dots - correlation effects in single-level quantum dots formed by carbon nanotubes or semiconducting nanowires connected to superconducting electrodes
  • Strongly correlated electrons - dynamical mean-field theory for Hubbard-like models

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Available projects for students

Master theses

  • Correlation effects in superconducting quantum dots
    Korelační efekty v supravodivých kvantových tečkách

Bachelor theses

  • Electronic structure of selected organometallic complexes
    Elektronová struktura vybraných organokovových komplexů
  • Quantum transport in nanoscopic systems
    Kvantový transport v nanoskopických systémech