News (26 Mar 2021 - 18 Jan 2022)

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Organizational changes

added on 18 January 2022, 0:00

Tomáš Novotný became the head of the Department of condensed matter physics and therefore, as from the first of January, Karel Carva replaced him at the position of the head of our theoretical group. We congratulate both of them and wish them a lot of success in their new roles.

Panch Ram leaving the group

added on 1 January 2022, 0:00

Dr. Panch Ram got a new position in the excellent group of Prof. W. Belzig (U. Konstanz). We wish him lots of success!

Machine learning in our group

added on 24 November 2021, 12:00

An interview with Martin Žonda and Pavel Baláž about machine learning in physics was just published at the webpage. Would you like to know more? Would you like to try machine learning for physical problems? Just contact us!

Alžběta’s successful PhD defense

added on 14 November 2021, 14:00

Congratulations, Alžběta, for successfully defending her dissertation, titled "Quantum electronic transport in superconducting quantum dots”.

Evolution of the Andreev bands

added on 4 October 2021, 12:00

Panch’s work on the superconducting periodic Anderson model was accepted to the Physical Review B.

Ultrafast coherent all-optical switching of an antiferromagnet

added on 30 August 2021, 12:00

Karel's Letter on the ultra-fast femto-second response of an anti-ferromagnet is published in Physical Review B - Letters.

A twist on bilayers

added on 23 August 2021, 12:00

Bilayer materials are receiving a lot of attention due to their two-dimensional nature and promising applications in, e.g., optoelectronics. A recent paper, co-authored by A. Slobodeniuk, presents optical properties of MoS2 with one layer turned against the other.

Article on the Kondo temperature featured on the faculty web

added on 5 August 2021, 12:00

Kondo temperature is the main parameter that determines transport properties of magnetic molecules attached to metallic electrodes. We have resolved the ambiguity in the determination of this parameter in our recent paper, which is also featured on the faculty web

Unsupervised phase classification

added on 20 July 2021, 0:00

Correct phase diagrams of strongly correlated systems, e.g., high temperature superconductors or spintronics materials, are important roadmaps for future applications. However, because of their complexity and the fact that we might not even know all of the phases of a particular system, their construction is a complicated and often cumbersome task. Yet, it does not have to be if we entrust it into the hands of a new machine learning method introduced in the recent PRResearch paper coauthored by Martin Žonda.

Alžběta’s recent PRL

added on 26 March 2021, 10:00

Wonderful news! Our PhD student Alžběta Kadlecová is the only Czech coauthor on a recent article published in Physical Review Letters. In a collaboration with Université Paris-Saclay, a surprising decrease of the AC Josephson current in a carbon nanotube quantum dot is studied. Congratulations, Alžběta!

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