Seminar on Condensed Matter Theory

RNDr. Tomáš Mančal, PhD.
( Institute of Physics, FMP CU )
Modeling of atomic force microscopy control of single molecule electron transfer
Tomorrow at 13:00, Ke Karlovu 5, Praha 2 in Seminar room F052

News and Research Highlights

Crime at our Department

4 Nov 2018, 12:00

source: matfyzpress

Doc. Jan Klíma, a long year member of our group, just published his new book of novellas Třikrát zločin (three times crime) with plot set also in the building of our department.

"Exceptionally good" grant GAUK

12 Sep 2018, 21:00

source: Nature Communication

Student grant GAUK on Relativistic theory of spin-dependent transport in spintronic materials solved by David Wagenknecht, Libor Šmejkal, and Jakub Šebesta was evaluated as exceptionally good. Congratulation!

Quantum Mechanics II

24 Feb 2018, 15:51

source: Karolinum

The second book of Quantum Mechanics by J. Klíma and B. Velický just appeared in the bookstores.

Ulrafast spin transfer torque

24 Feb 2018, 15:43

source: IOPscience

P. Baláž, M. Žonda, K. Carva et al. presented a theoretical model of generation of spin transfer torque in metallic spin valves using a femtosecond laser pulse.

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