Seminar on Condensed Matter Theory

Dr. Pavel Jelínek
( Institute of Physics, AS CR )
1D molecular systems on surfaces
Thursday 23 May 2019 at 13:00, Ke Karlovu 5, Praha 2 in Seminar room F052

News and Research Highlights

Get your Bc. with our group

18 May 2019, 11:50


We are looking for new students who want to join our group in frame of their Bc. project. Find brand new themes for bachelor theses at our group and open new possibilities for your study and research.

Tunable Josephson Junctions

11 May 2019, 13:00

source: Physical Review Applied

A practical guide to quantum phase transitions in quantum-dot-based tunable Josephson junctions by A. Kadlecová, M. Žonda, V. Pokorný, and T. Novotný you can now find in Physical Review Applied. Their results enable fast and efficient, yet reliable characterization and design of such nanoscopic tunable Josephson-junction devices.

Crime at our Department

4 Nov 2018, 12:00

source: matfyzpress

Doc. Jan Klíma, a long year member of our group, just published his new book of novellas Třikrát zločin (three times crime) with plot set also in the building of our department.

"Exceptionally good" grant GAUK

12 Sep 2018, 21:00

source: Nature Communication

Student grant GAUK on Relativistic theory of spin-dependent transport in spintronic materials solved by David Wagenknecht, Libor Šmejkal, and Jakub Šebesta was evaluated as exceptionally good. Congratulation!

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