Seminar on Condensed Matter Theory

Tomáš Mančal, PhD.
( Institute of Physics, FMP CU )
Role of underdamped intramolecular vibrational modes in excitation energy transfer in molecular aggregates
Thursday 6 April 2017 at 12:20, Ke Karlovu 5, Praha 2 in Seminar room F052

News and Research Highlights

Interplay between correlation effects and electron pairing

7 Jan 2017, 10:55
source: Physical Review B

T. Domański et al. studied subgap spectrum of the interacting single-level quantum dot coupled between two superconducting reservoirs, forming the Josephson-type circuit, and additionally hybridized with a metallic normal lead. They quantitatively establish the phase-dependent Kondo temperature and show that it can be read off from the half-width of the zero-bias enhancement in the Andreev conductance in the doublet phase.

Stoner versus Heisenberg

7 Jan 2017, 10:45
source: Physical Review B

E. Turgut et al. use ultrafast high harmonics to measure time-, energy-, and angle-resolved M-edge magnetic asymmetry spectra for Co films after optical pumping to induce ultrafast demagnetization. They found that the magnon contribution to ultrafast demagnetization is already strong on subpicosecond time scales, while the reduction in exchange splitting persists to several picoseconds.

Noisy metamolecule

18 Dec 2016, 18:50
source: Optics Letters

T. Chlouba, M. Žonda, and T. Novotný published a comment on recent Letter by Andrianov et al. Using sparse numerical solvers they shown that some of the results in the original letter are incorrect, most likely due to insufficient Monte Carlo sampling. These findings call for a corrected interpretation of the physical behavior of the studied model.

Measurement of the spin penetration length using second-harmonic voltage

16 Oct 2016, 16:47
source: Physical Review B

A theoretical description of spin current injection from a nonmagnetic layer into a magnetic one is presented by P. Baláž et al. The authors propose a novel method of measurement the transverse spin penetration length in magnetic metals based on second harmonic voltage measurement.

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